There are many good translators and there are many good agencies to choose from. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • Make sure the text you want translated is a finished product. It should be clearly written with a minimum of mistakes.
  • Make sure you give the translator a reasonable deadline. Although different translators work at different speeds, 2,000 words per day seems to be a reasonable output.
  • It helps to know what you want beforehand. If you have any glossaries related to a translation project, these will be of great help to the translator.
  • There are three basic language service providers or LSPs: freelance translators, small translation agencies and large translation agencies. Each kind of provider is suited to different clients with different needs. Make sure you do some research before hiring an LSP. Be wary of poor English. A person does not have to be a native speaker to speak or write good English. If the language skills are shaky, chances are the quality of the translations is too.
  • Once you have decided on an LSP, have someone who speaks the target language (Spanish or English in this case) check it for quality.


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